Refreshing Look At Fact: Hijacking Language

The only thing wrong with this quote is the actual definition of the word “fact” is blatantly ignored.

No, facts do not have to be true at all or even based on truth. Facts are based on the burden of proof, not truth. If a statement or assertion can be proven to be true OR false, then it indeed is fact.

This meme is close, but omits the qualifying parts of the definition of fact. Fact is not just a statement “that you can prove” but that you can prove to be true OR false.

So I put forth the challenge to all the ninnying leftist dictionary websites to explain how they magically have all changed the meaning of “fact” to only include whatever they say is true.

Yes, it fits their narrative to do that because throughout the internet age, “facts” have been proven false time and time again, and they have to change the meanings of words.

If we let them change the language, what else will we put up with?

La pregunta es la respuesta.

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