Like A Geek At A Carnival Biting The Head Off Of A Rat

Will Smith and Chris Rock team up in a lame attempt at getting more views for the dying Oscar’s ceremony.

Was Will Smith’s attack on Chris Rock fake? 

According to Judi James, a body language expert who spoke to The Sun, Rock’s reaction is the biggest clue that the incident might’ve been staged. 

Judi claimed that the fact that Chris didn’t go down after Will’s slap is the first clue, followed by the fact that he didn’t “nurse his face” after the hit – something that mane people would do after a hit like that. 

“Will is a big guy and I would have expected Chris to hit the floor, even if it was just from shock,” Judi told the publication. 

“Chris’s apparent lack of ‘hurt’ response was probably what caused many people to believe they were watching a stunt.”

We Don’t Need A Body Language Expert To Explain The Psy-op

The aftermath is a tell-all. Left-wing fake outrage twitter is responding in a way that makes a villain out of Chris Rock and condones offensive violence and assault in response to a skit.

Charlie Hebdo on steroids.

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