Intel Agency Gets Funds For Ayahuasca Research

A writer at a pot-themed blog thought it would be cute to get on board with some globalist death cult and become a self-appointed authority on debunking things that are talked about on the internet. This time, he’s pretending Timothy Leary himself was a conspiracy theory. Highlighted in gray below is an excerpt from his article, along with video reference for context. Banner

Joe Rogan got conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his podcast this week and, among other things, the pair talked about psychedelics and aliens. Buckle up, folks.

According to Jones, there’s a deep state government program based in San Francisco through which rogue intelligence agents take massive doses of psychedelics like DMT and ayahuasca in order to engage in intergalactic diplomacy.

The InfoWars host claims to have spoken to hundreds of people in the military and Central Intelligence Agency about the clandestine operation.

Of course, Jones has also peddled a number of verifiably false claims like that crisis actors were behind the Sandy Hook school shooting and that high-profile Democrats participated in an underage sex trafficking operation run out of the basement of a pizzeria.

So keep that in mind as you read on…

Nonetheless, Jones claims “real research” and the testimony of his unnamed sources back up his claims about psychedelics and aliens.

Read the original article on

A recent article featured at The Harvard Crimson provides a detailed and intimate look into the sophistry behind where Kyle Jaeger gets everything wrong in his world view.

You don’t have to be chasing a white rabbit down a hole while blitzed out of your mind on psychedelic mushrooms to connect the dots on this one.

Private government contractor Nick C. Ige ’25 says he wouldn’t be at Harvard if it weren’t for psychedelic drugs.

The Harvard Crimson

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