Industry Insider Confirms NYTimes Report On Massive PPP Fraud

The ongoing hoax meant to destroy America is being blown wide open with reports of fraud happening all across the board.

A PPP loan was just approved for a hospitality investment firm based out of Texas. The same firm that owns many of the top tier hotels in Hartford, Connecticut. The amount is said to be in the tens of millions.

That might sound reasonable until you take a look at another hospitality investment firm named Westmont Hospitality Group, officiated by a supposed person named Andrew Alexander.

Official records indicate that Westmont received a PPP loan in the amount of 1.5 million dollars, to support 53 employees. Many of the employees are reporting that they haven’t seen anything extra in regards to wages, even though the hotels have been at full capacity since the toilet paper shortages started happening on the west coast of the United States.

Digging deeper, Red Roof Inns claimed another 3.7 million dollars to supposedly support 172 employees, and again, those employees are failing to see any of those dollars despite booming business for their locations.

Old Andy-boy has been unofficially charged with conspiracy to commit fraud in an ongoing investigation into the misuse of PPP loans granted by the department of Health and Human Services in the days following the passage of the first covid relief bill signed by President Donald J. Trump.

Co-conspirators in the money laundering operation include several managers of corporate owned Red Roof Inns locations across the country.

As of the deadline to publish this story, Andrew Alexander has declined to comment on the charges and so have his co-conspirators.

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  1. Its not fair to the workers at all. I work at red Roof in west springfield and we have not been giving any type of raise ! So disappointed and unsatisfied with my job.This needs to be known. We are so Angry.

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