How My Specialized Diet Nearly Killed Me

To make a long story short, this chica I met on Plenty of Fish had told me that she went on a “no meat except fish” diet for about a year and it caused debilitating disease.

No pun intended.

so a pescatarian joins a dating site…

She had been eating a can of tuna every day for almost an entire year before she was found unresponsive on the floor of her apartment. Apparently she had passed out from severe electrolytic imbalance. She was in bad shape and needed help right away, except nobody knew exactly what was wrong with her.

Before all was said and done, and she was on the road to recovery, she had been in a comatose state for a month. As it turns out, all that canned tuna ended up being a source of mercury which had bio-accumulated in her blood, caused her brain and nervous system to short out, and nearly killed her.

Moral of the story, don’t do specialized diets long-term. Don’t trust any food movement. It’s all just a huge hoax, a food cult, meant to destroy you. Specialized diets have a purpose and they aren’t meant to replace a balanced diet. Proceed with caution when approaching and committing to a wacky food cult.

Have you or someone you know fallen victim to a food cult? Tell the world about it in the comments below!

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