Facebook Independent Fact-Check Certifier Exposed As Deep-State Operative

She’s been far left way back in high school. Total overachiever. Always on all the committees, political and journalistic.

— Anonymous acquaintance of Facebook independent fact check certifier Margot Susca

I ran into her at Gathering Of The Vibes 1999 at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, Connecticut when I was working as a festival archivist. It was right at the beginning of the Disco Biscuits’ set when Margot squirmed her way through the crowd, arms in the air, big floppy hat, and big ironic mirrored sunglasses, and of course, some gorky-looking dude in tow.

I had just got my audio gear set up and recording when I caught the moment she ended up next to me. I realized it was her and blurted out her name- “MARGOT!?” She looked at me so clearly confused that I could tell even with her shades on.

“WHO ARE YOU?” she bellowed over the sonic rumblings of the monstrous P.A. system.

That moment has been a milestone for me, as I have listened to the tape from that day many times over the years, and reflected on that exchange with who would end up being the highly controversial figure at the heart of one of the biggest scandals dominating headlines 21 years later.

Discovering the keys to the very riddle presented to me by a casual acquaintance a few years after high school has been what has guided the shaping of the world as we all know it.

At the heart of one of the biggest scandals of the day, Margot Susca has been implicated as one of the key players working in the shadows to carry out the systematic dismantling of renaissance, the free western world, America, and humanity. A real life minion of the real life super-villains.

A fucking white male

I have another funny story about an encounter with Margot from a day back in high school, but I’ll save that for another time.

What kind of game is being played here?

Facebook thinks we should just trust them to follow their own rules, even if it results in the mass spread of #climatecrisis lies. No company should be too big or powerful to be held accountable for its role in the climate crisis. Facebook is no exception.


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