Compromised Cop Shops Laundering Loads Of Clinton Cash

Based on an episode of “The First 48”, internet sleuths and amateur investigators are making some interesting connections from clandestine gun-running operations in New York, Miami, and Haiti to the Clinton Foundation.

Fast-forward four years and Waking Vincent is picked up in a sting after shipping stolen shotguns inside television boxes from Albany to Miami.

As it turns out, Waking Vincent himself is the one who reported the shotguns missing from his home just a few days before driving to Miami and receiving the shipment he sent to himself from Albany.

Now, Waking Vincent didn’t just wake up one day and decide to start buying guns, reporting them stolen, and shipping them across state lines. He had been doing this and not getting caught for at least the four years that the internet knows about it. The internet is also saying that there’s no way he’s working alone.

Everybody knows that the Clinton Foundation used Haiti under the guise of aid and relief efforts on the island that is frequently ravaged by hard-hitting hurricanes and tropical storms. These facts lead many to believe that any syndicated criminal activities within Haiti are most likely organized, and at least financed by the Clinton crime family.

With the Clinton Foundation having a tight monopoly on human trafficking, gun-running, and exploiting missing children on the island of Haiti, and the entire world being aware of it, how do they get away with it?

Perhaps the real question we all should be asking is, “how much will we put up with?”. With a majority of mainstream media carrying water for known thugs and real-life supervillains, it would be of no surprise to anyone to find municipalities tied in deep with organized crime, and lots of cash laundered through Hollywood via these crime stories where camera crews follow detectives around.

Next stop… Minneapolis!

Do you believe the Clinton Foundation or its lackeys could be involved with the “flat-screen shotgun” scandal? Let the world know in the comments below.

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